For Creators

Why join Repose?

Repose social clubs complement your existing social strategy with paid content and genuine, two-way connections 💜

  • Create a Club for free, get 85% of membership fees

    There is no cost associated with creating your Repose Club, but you get the majority of the membership fee.

  • Charge for exclusive access

    Followers purchase or claim a club membership to get access to you and your content. Give your club members first access to your brand partnership content, affiliate links, content,merchandise, discount codes, meetups, and more.

  • Segment and convert your audience

    Repose makes it easy to curate and foster your community based on the interests of your followers. Segmenting your audience into interest-specific clubs is a powerful marketing tool – now you can deliver content and links that directly align with their unique interests, improving targeting and conversions.

  • Forever own your club members

    On Repose, you always own and have access to your clubs and club members — your followers can never be taken away from you. How? All social clubs require a membership token. These tokens are synced to a powerful blockchain that ensures ownership is permanently linked between you and the owner of the membership token.

  • Create exclusive, short-term clubs for you and your brand partners

    Turn your brand collabs into unique experiences for your followers by creating a club dedicated to the collab: charge membership and offer exclusive content and access to you and the brand, ex. live chat, event, or first access to merch.