Brands & creators need quality,
not quantity

Start nurturing your following

Create a social club

Always own your community, never lose your following

Limited membership means higher engagement clubs

Club membership grants exclusive access and benefits

Get the VIP treatment from your favorite creators and brands

Let’s be real, the comments section is no place to connect.

Say hello to private social clubs on Repose:
hang with the creators and brands you follow, discover new friends who share your interests, and create space for meaningful connection and community.

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Why Repose?

Members only clubs.

Exclusive access to experiences.

Connect directly & share privately.

Membership means you own a piece of it.

For Creators

Launch your social club, or launch multiple social clubs that tailor your audience into interest-specific groups!

Make your club free, or offer paid membership for
exclusive access to you and your content.

On Repose, you can never lose access to your community -
it’s yours forever.

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For brands

Your followers want to connect with you and your brand directly in a candid and safe space.

Allow them to determine which side of your brand they want to connect with via your dedicated clubs.

Welcome to your web3 strategy, no customer education needed!
On Repose, web3 is under the hood.

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