Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a Repose Club work?

    Don’t worry about needing to generate community activity like you would in any other community app. On Repose you set the days and times when you want to livestream with your Club.

    Repose Clubs are designed to be set up as cohorts, with your club members paying a membership fee for access during that time. Cohorts drive fomo. No more communities that die a slow death.

  • How does Repose make monetization easy?

    For everyone: Charge your members a membership fee, and you receive those fees up front. Ex. 200 club members x $50 each = $10,000

    For brands: You have a group of people who are high intent at your fingertips, share your products directly with them! Ex. Duchess Cocktails sees a ~40% conversion rate on Club members vs. ~2% conversion on email marketing

  • What would I share in my Club?
    (“Club Programming”)

    Share what you know! If you were to give a talk, what would it be about?
    Your Club is your dedicated community, they’re there to hear whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

    Here are some examples:

    • Are you in finance? Share what the industry is buzzing about that week, what kind of deals are getting done, and your take on the stock market today.
    • Are you a lifestyle brand founder? Give your members a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day, share industry trends, be candid about your wins and challenges, and explain how you built your business from concept to revenue.
    • Are you an expert marketer? Share your top marketing tools, tips, and strategies. Tell your members what the latest marketing trends are, and your takes on them. Share your daily experiences, and answer their brand questions.
  • How much should I charge for my Club?

    You’re valuable, and your members will get access to connect with you live to ask you anything during their time in your Club. We recommend you don’t undersell yourself.

    Our recommended membership fee to access your Club: $50 - $500 / membership Base your per member pricing on how often you plan to engage with your Club, and what kind of content you plan to share.

    Some possible examples:

    • $50k Club: 200 members in a 3 month Club with structured content format featuring 2x weekly live streams and daily posts in the chat: $250/membership
    • $75k Club: 500 members in a 3 month Club with candid content featuring 1x weekly live stream and weekly posts in the chat: $150/membership
    • $100k Club: 1000 members in a 6 month Club with candid content featuring 1x weekly live stream with Q&A: $100/membership
  • How many members should I have in my club?

    As many as you want! You could create a highly specialized club for a handful of people who each pay $500, or you could have 500 members who each pay $50. Your call.

  • How much time will this require?

    1-2 hours / week. We recommend hosting 1-2 weekly live streams in your club to connect directly. Ask your club members to share questions they have in advance in the chat.

    Drafting a weekly email takes 2-3 hours vs. hosting a live stream in your Repose Club which takes 1 hour, and it has a far bigger impact!

Use cases for your club: