Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a Repose Club work?

    Your club is your space to live stream broadcast and chat with your customers and followers! Gate your club with a membership fee, or make it free to join. Repose clubs are perfect for launching new products – it’s a space where you can excite your community around your next drop by showing them the product live and answering any questions customers have in real time.

    We’re different from a platform that relies on community to drum up engagement. On Repose, you host live stream events related to your brand or business and give your club members exclusive access to product launches, events, and content – or whatever you want to share.

    Repose clubs are currently set up as memberships, not subscriptions, so that your members can join for a one-time fee and you can set a limit on the life span of your club, like a season. This helps drive participation and interest!

  • How does Repose make monetization easy?

    Filter *in* your best and most engaged customers and followers by offering VIP access with a membership fee. Ex. $50 membership fee x 200 club members = $10,000 (and club hosts receive this up front!)

    Your club gives you a group of high intent customers at your fingertips - what better place to share your new products first? Ex. Duchess Cocktails sees a ~40% conversion rate on club members vs. ~2% conversion on email marketing.

  • What would I share in my Club?
    (“Club Programming”)

    Brands: Use your club to increase sales on new product launches, share behind the scenes how the product was made, and what your founder journey has been like. Give club members first access to events, exclusive content, and special discounts.

    Creators: Share what you know, it’s valuable! This is your space to deliver curated content. If you were to give a talk, what would it be about? Your club is your dedicated community, they’re there to hear whatever it is that you’re passionate about.


    • Are you a lifestyle brand founder? Give your members a behind the scenes look at your day-to-day, share industry trends and insights, be candid about your wins and challenges, and explain how you built your business from concept to revenue.
    • Are you an expert marketer? Share your top marketing tools, tips, and strategies. Tell your members what the latest marketing trends are, and your takes on them. Share your daily experiences, and answer their brand questions.
    • Are you in finance? Share what the industry is buzzing about that week, what kind of deals are getting done, and your take on the stock market today.
  • How much should I charge for my Club?

    You’re offering curated content and access as a service, and your fans will be happy to pay for it! (Just look at substacks newsletters…)

    Base your club membership pricing on:

    • How exclusive your club will be
    • How often you plan to engage with your club members
    • The season length of your club
    • What kind of content you plan to share

    Membership examples:

    • $3.75k club 50 members in a 1 month club with a $75 membership
    • $7.5k club 150 members in a 3 month club with a $50 membership
    • $25k club 1000 members in a 3 month club with a $25 membership
    • $30k club 300 members in a 6 month club with a $100 membership
  • How many members should I have in my club?

    As many as you want! Make it small and exclusive for your true fans, or easily accessible to all your followers.

Use cases for your club:

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