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Why join Repose?

Repose allows you to curate and foster social clubs around your most loyal customers and followers. 

Social clubs complement your existing social media strategy by giving your customers a chance to participate and engage with you. Until now, they’ve had the comment section or DMs to communicate. Repose gives them a chance to meaningfully connect with you. 

Use your social clubs to reward loyalty and segment your audience. Give your members-only clubs first access to product launches, event tickets, exclusive content, and direct contact with your team. Interest-specific clubs are a powerful marketing tool – now you can deliver content that directly aligns with an audience for a better experience and conversion.

All social clubs require a membership token. You choose if your club is free, or if you want to host exclusive clubs that are accessed by a paid membership token. These are digital VIP communities, and those membership tokens deliver perks.

Give your audience something that they can own and connect with – your club memberships double as digital collectibles. 

Join Repose!

How to join the platform:

Contact us here, and select "Brand" with the dropdown