3 Reasons Why Optimizing for Algorithms is a Waste of Your Time

April 10, 2023

Algorithms can get you views and follows. But they’re not designed to get you engagement and conversion. So, are follows worth anything if they don’t convert?


Social media networks like Instagram and TikTok have become search engines. They show us what we want to see, acting like Google when we tell it what we’re looking for. As a creator or a brand, this is the top of your marketing funnel. Getting seen is important, but you already have a base following of people who are interested in what you do. 


Your existing followers are your growth engine. They’re your foundation, and it’s important that they’re not taken for granted – which can be a catalyst for irrelevance. Nurturing your existing audience to develop high-intent followers is where you’ll find the results you’re looking for.


Here are three reasons why chasing algorithms can hurt your success on social: 


Algorithms optimize for views, not conversion


Algorithms optimize for views, not for conversion. While they can tailor content, algorithms don’t provide a genuine or authentic user experience. What’s the point, if you aren’t converting your audience? Views without conversion to sales are purely a vanity metric; they give the impression of successful content, but often come without the desired follow through.


Chasing views wastes resources


As exciting as a viral moment can be, the reality is that virality does not support a business. Having a video blow up on TikTok may gain you awareness and followers, but these are typically unqualified leads. 


Algorithms change frequently 


Social networks see their algorithms as their market differentiator, and are making updates frequently in an effort to keep users on their apps longer. But with this, algorithms are updating for their metrics, not yours. Users may spend more time on a social app, but they're likely consuming more content, which ultimately adds to the commodification of content and saturation for users. These updates don't help users go deep on your brand, and can also devalue what you invest into your social content when these updates continuously change how you can be found. 


What if, instead of working to please the algorithms, we aimed to engage and delight followers? Consider what shifts you might experience in your business. For example, if you're nurturing your most engaged followers, you could increase their spends with your brand at a much lower cost to you. And if you're speaking directly with your highest-intent followers, then you don't need an algorithm, but you do need an exclusive and intimate space to connect with them. 


At Repose, we believe that it’s time to rethink social; it’s not about the size of your follower count, it’s about the quality of their interest in you and your brand. Start nurturing your followers towards conversion now.


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