How Repose Works

September 30, 2023

Separate your true fans from your followers in your gated club


Instagram and TikTok are awesome for your brand getting the exposure you’re looking for. And then you start getting DMs, but that gets overwhelming. So you host a live or two on Instagram, but it’s hard to tell who’s interested in watching that and difficult to connect with the people who care most to hear what you have to say. 


What if you could direct your best fans from Instagram and TikTok to a space where you can connect with them directly through chat and live streams? But not just for awareness, for a purpose: to nurture your most engaged followers and monetize authentically. And then what if that space was gated with a paid membership to help filter in the followers who care most and filter out those who follow casually? It would create an environment where you’d feel comfortable away from spectators and trolls to be candid with the people who really relate to you. You could nurture them and share special content with them, giving them access to links and events first. This is Repose. 💜


We’ve seen brands use their Repose Club to launch products too. Here’s an example: 


You’re a content creator and a brand founder. Your followers love seeing behind the scenes of how you live and build your brand. You’ve got a product launching, so you do a live stream in your club sharing everything about the new product, answering your members’ questions, and giving them first access to the drop. Club members get to purchase ahead of the general public and feel closer to you and your brand. You build loyalty, which supports your next launches.


Find more examples of how to use your Repose Club here!


This is a social experience where connection is priority over algorithms, and it comes with a natural solution for monetization: membership fees and a highly dedicated audience for way better conversion.


Getting started is easy!

  1. Create your Repose account here 
  2. Create your Repose club here
  3. Set your Club Programming: what can your Club members expect to hear from you? Set a date & time for your weekly live streams, or just start with a first live stream. 
  4. Share the link to your Club by promoting your live stream topic, date, and time. Check out our FAQs for examples.


Or, feel free to ask us any questions you have – reach us at 


Olivia – co-founder